"If it can be concieved, it can be achieved"

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Company Product

Unlimited Licensed Contractor in NC and SC
Allowing us to better serve our clients
Custom Homes
Every job site is inspected daily to ensure quality workmanship and code compliance. Jobsites are kept clean and safe to facilitate visits by our clients at any time without the need for appointments. Work progress is monitored daily to ensure efficient cost control. Our main objective is a satisfied customer. The majority of the construction is done in-house though all sub-contractors used experience the same scrutiny as our in-house team.
HDSWNC is the creator of and the only company in the US to offer the CTJI joist, that make the home designs on this site not only possible but cost effective as well. Additionally, glue-lams that curve in two directions simultaneously can be fabricated, as needed for the hips in the house design on the right of this page.
Custom Components
As you can see on the left side of this brochure we can supply curved window headers, sills, bottom plates and top plates curving ino any 3 dimensional space. We also offer highly detailed stick by stick plans that include length, angle and bevel cuts for each stud, joist and beam needed for any project.
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Patemt Pending
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