"If it can be concieved, it can be achieved"

Company Service

All wood components are pre cut and/or assembled inside our facilities. This protects such material from any long term exposure to weather, increases quality control and aids in cost control by utilizing materials that would otherwise be discarded on a jobsite.
Our design experts begin the first phase by interviewing the client to get basic information such as number of bedrooms and baths, size requirements for living, dining, kitchen, studio and media rooms… Our specialist can determine space requirments based on your needs. We then visit the home site and have a topographical survey done to ensure a congruent design for the local terrain. This “Topo” also helps with engineering and will determine the need to remove or acquire fill dirt. There are many aspects to the design phase including our clients’ tastes and personality. We feel that a home should not only be comfortable, convenient and efficient but an extension of the homeowner.
We also offer highly detailed stick by stick plans that include length, angle and bevel cuts for each stud, joist and beam needed for any project. Each piece has a location and wall designation to ensure ease of framing and eliminate any confusions. Simply send a conceptual design and we can do the rest. If the design requires steel, we can handle that as well.
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