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HDWSNC started its business in 1993 offering custom house plans to fit the needs of our clients, as their needs grew so did we. Offering a diverse range of products and services in-house made sense. We could have greater control of cost and quality which is our two main concerns. As long as we are able to address these concerns first hand, we will always have satisfied customers.


Both seasoned professionals as well as new comers to the trade. I’m sure that many of you at some point in your carrier, wheatear it was in school, as an apprentice or even during your professional career. You may have heard the words “that can’t be done”. To tell you the truth in my resent past (as little as 10 years ago) I would have been the one of the ones telling you that. About 7 years ago I had the good fortune to get involved with a designer that did not understand 2 basic concepts of building designing, gravity and material limitations. Not to mention the words ‘cost prohibitive’. His first designs pushed the limits and with each successive design the bar was raised. We were given another unique challenge every time he laid pen to paper. Not just in building the designs but getting them into a budget. The most resent home we completed (Kuykendall that can be seen on the More Gallery page) was by far the most challenging. We were given a curved roof design, with each roof section having a different radius, producing a compound curve at all of the hips. Not just a curve outside but a cathedral roof system producing a curved ceiling as well and of course the budget. I really enjoyed achieving this challenge. Over the past few years we were able to delete the (‘t) in the phrase “It can’t be done”. Don’t let these words stifle your creativity, we are up for the challenge if you are.